Wash me
Wash my soul untill it's clean
Get this vile cancer off me
Take my vices rip them from me

Wash me
Wash my skin until its clean
Lift the foul putrid stain
scratch your sleazy touch away

Wash me
Wash my mind until its clean
Pluck the contemplated twisting thorns
shut the trap doors of sickening mires

Cleanse me
Pull out the worms in my heart
Dig the Infestation out of my sieve
Mash them, pulp them poisoned and sucked

Cleanse me
Seer my third eye blind to my oblivion
Burn the the dread of knowing prior
Tame the beast with salted lashings and holy water

Cleanse me
Bless away the dark morbid spirit
Bleach it's conspiring over grown Dark ego
Exorcise its spite and fade it back to grey

Let me be whole and pristine again
And let me fade to light...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A perfectly terrifying time wishing your third eye blind. Peace to all who suffer this.

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very therapeutic!

very therapeutic!

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Yes indeed it was theraputic

Yes indeed it was theraputic to write, and justvreading it back like all my poetry, it needs a little work but the message is still vet cathardic. Thanks for reading. :)

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