Eyes without grace

Piercing molten holes through garded hearts 

The causality of your fancies rip through innocence with effortless charm. 

Another pair of panties drop to the floor 

Another set of mounds

aching pinnacles begging

for the breath of a touch.

Sharp eyes survey endless pain,

but you don't want to heal

You want your name screamed in vain.

I'm good now and I'll be damned 

If I let you in again

The flicker was enough

I know  you saw it 

Walking on by as if it didn't mean a thing 

And each time I fuck you over 

I know you'll hope I'll  steal away to cry 

Fuck you and those graceless eyes,

You played games 

You told lies 

You crush beauty 

Like flies 

Didn't we almost have it all? 

Shouldn't of asked to see my love in measures of pain.

You played my crazy for sane

You shouldn't have said you loved me 

When all I wanted was a fuck,

I die again and again in those eyes

Each time in vain.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

What the eyes can't see, the heart can- Ss

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allets's picture

“You played my crazy for sane”

okay! Hittin' close to home. My eyes pulled stuff out of the pockets of my heart reading this line. And I say "Yea!" SSmoothie! ~S~



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W.O.W.! Capital every letter

W.O.W.! Capital every letter