The Silence

His kiss was vacant 

His stare drew ice from her veins 

That no warmth pleaded could melt away 

And she knew now how he felt 

When she fucked him and walked away

Because love hurt more than she could say 

Because his touch was where she wanted to stay

And when he asked her why she left

the tender words would not come   

She flit about like a bird with a broken wing 

Too angry pecking eyes out to sing

To his tune, Because his love left her cold aeons ago 

And she could not unremember it. 

And while the fractures of his frozen heart  fell,

Hers had melted into a boiling pot of pain & despair 

She found love 

But the words would not come 

Unanswered he left before she was done 

He tried to say, but his words would not come 

And the tragedy is, that if they were really listening...

Neither one needed to say anything at all.


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always,when you need them

always,when you need them most

ron parrish

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I am not able at this time to form adequate words for the way this poem made me feel. Maybe it was just... "Silence". Always love reading you!

Copyright © morningglory

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Good To Have You Back SS

The passion returns, fearing no word ever. :D  ~Lady A~



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This is full of real emotion,

This is full of real emotion, Smoooooothie smooth. Love it !