A time

For healing,

For the scales of blind hate peeled off our eyes

We are all the sons and daughters if one humanity 

One light that shines bright each day

And one light that shines cool by night 

And as each one of us tries to claw through the obstacles

Of hate, fear and the unknown the truth is side by side 

Without colour culture or religion 

Our souls still speak and recognise eachother 

And our eyes without the lens of corruption

See each others beauty and would long for company 

And joy.

If only we could see... 

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Beautifully written

Beautifully written

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Classic SSmoothie

Uplifting and engaging. Enjoyed reading you, as always. Love and prayers xoxoxox - Stella




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Excellent write.


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very nice

very nice

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fer sure

beautiful as always, ssmoothie


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