A Colorful Education...

Here’s an offensive take. if you’re offended let me know if it worked ;) Blessingss Ss. 


Do not confuse white intelligence and fairness that has been granted to non whites as “white power” and don’t confuse “black power“ as powerless or “immigrants” as uninfluential. Stop hate because you’re only giving a reason for bigotry to be justified and you don’t even know it. White hate or accusing white power as a negative means you are the racist. Just as a white person who treats anyone else negatively. Noticed I said negatively not differently? Because we do we all actually treat each other differently according to many factors. For instance disabled, minority, aesthetic... Racism is not reserved for minorities. Only fool would see color as power or weakness instead of a variation of humanity.


Apologists get my goat.

Just stop apologizing for who you are and how you got here be thankful instead and gracious. 


If if you were better off born and raised in a 3rd world country go move back there. If not help them out. Simple. You can’t cry about a group of people who got thier shit together and started sharing it because it was the right thing to do. Now those who get a share want to erase the very reason they get a share? 


The ills of the past have long gone. Why are so many trying to flog a dead horse? 


Victimology is a carefully constructed pseudo science geared towards you giving up your freedoms. You don’t want to hear what I. Going to say about it. So don’t read on.


There are no victims in this world there there are only thrivers, survivors and those who succumb and give up. A lack of resilience and a lack need to be tested in the area has led to too many unrealistic and unchecked ideologies in this world. Bigotry is bigotry. It doesn’t matter what your name is or if you have a white or people of color friend... (How stupid that sounds people offended by colors... its the tone that should be objected to). You know that token friend that proves your criticism is legit? Yeah, well no. We should not be afraid of the truth therefore criticism so take yours As easily as you give it. Don’t be a tool a hypocrite holding on to a bullshit construct. Culture is good Mostly especially if it doesn’t hurt or denigrate anyone who isn’t a part of it. There are some compromises as we all get along for the collective good. But it also makes life interesting. People travel to experience eachothers culture and tradition. That’s right. If the world was all the same you wouldn’t need to travel anywhere. A melting pot with a majority flavor. That’s how it is. Other wise the flavor has no identity and becomes nondescript and average. It’s the recipe that keeps a country well. Flavours need to be devolved over time, gently. 


Malicious false witness has been a thing since well before biblical times. Why on earth would anyone roll over on it. 


the burden of proof lies with the assailed or accuser and the burden of innocence with the accused. Two burdens thus two plates on the scale. It’s blind but not without compassion that’s why lady justice is a woman she deliberates on facts and providencE. As I have said before Shakespeare’s words ring true in the merchants trial mine own parrot “The law Without mercy is a tyrant and mercy without the law is an endless well of destruction. Together the song of righteousness sings the truth of fate” 


Told you not to read it. Anyways too late now.


Am I Wrong? I wonder? Would I even know? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

are you offended yet? 

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But, but, but...

I'm supposed to tell you what's right and what's wrong...
Social media taught me that.
And now we'll return to my regularly scheduled favorite Corey Taylor line
"If I offended you, you needed it"
And I'll finish strong (since I started moronically with the public preconception that I matter) with an old line from Senator J. Bulworth
"You know how we need to solve this problem? Everybody gotta start fucking everybody til we're all the same color"

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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I don't write poetry to offend anyone. Prose maybe. But, we call that screamin' at the man, Ebonically. It does not bode well for change. Didacticism vs argument with evidence is another course. Rhetoric has a place in polemics. Bigotry like the poor, always with us. - slc



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Good points. I don’t anyone

Good points. I don’t anyone writes to offend anyone but like it or not offense happens. Baiting a hook is such a tricky process but conspiracies fly in the face of it everyday. We know division provides discord but does it really need to?  Why is it that so many discoveries are silenced or shelved? Because misery crease fear, fear anxiety, and this ptovides a market of passification. 


did you know that sound can put out fires in 5 seconds? 


Did id you know the universe is full of water? 


Did id you know that sound heals and destroys? 


Did id you know that plastic can be distilled into petrol, oil and alcohol? 


Did id you know the breakdown of plastics ireleases estrogen? 


Did you know that the birth control pill Has flooded the environment with synthetic estrogen? 


Dod id you know that cymatics can create light and cure. Cancer? 


Yet here we we are in our meager little cages with our trapped minds fighting for supremacy... makes you wonder who ends up on top next? 


Silly squabbles led to some are monumental and colossus ideologies that are sacred to some and vice versa. How did such polarities exist? Who created them and why? 


Out education is is a sham picked and chosen by who? And why? Let’s see how it ends. Big brother versus big mother I wonder what thier progeny will be? The future has been written... is time to rewrite ourselves? I wonder.... what will we discover next? 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Burden of proof.

Silly is notion that the accused must prove their innocense.  The idea that the accuser must always be believed is crazy.  Believing them must always be predicated upon the presentation of additional substantial proof.  Stephen

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All victims should be

All victims should be heard 

evidence Becomes a problem only through interpretation that’s why science sucks. What is is. No theory needed just labels. 

Wrongly accused or maliciously accused is where the injustice lies the wolf in sheeps clothing that destroys the hopes of justice for all... 

here is the crux of the matter. You are entitled to defend yourself.  

An eye for an eye? Do two wrongs make it right? 

Tough questions, 

no real answers...

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Legal systems of defense and indictment have evolved from older legal platforms that favor the institution or coroporation over the individual. Plea bargaining should be banned, nuisance cases dismissed outright. Judges propel the judicial system and while knowing law, they need to learn the term "expidite". The case load is backed up across the legal board and needs to be dealt with - the system is constricted by too many procedures that only serve to expand the fees in hours paid to lawyers. Needs a fix badly. - slc