Slight of hand

it was a quick gentle motion caught more by intuition than by the concrete senses

a hand waving over and had I blinked, I would have kept the same old lenses 


I wasnt led like a dog by the lead or coerced with convoluted imagery

instead I was asked upon the silent wind if i wanted more than debargery 


a life less ordinary but unbelievably different to the numbed down dumb down perceptions 

I took the opening in lightning crack offrerd me. I never hesitated, I was not afraid of deception 


i felt. I felt the urge of undeniable truth calling 

and as I tugged at the veil I stood to watch my manufactured perceptions falling 


at my heels the dogs of war became powerless 

I saw the heat of blood in the heart of my enemy and I loved them no less


i stood there watching the flashing blade come down at my shoulders again and again 

and did not flicker, nor wince nor change and was not in all attempts slain


i stood there in peace as the vile anger of my assailaint grew and the flashes of rage became faster 

the purest form of evil manifested in eyes burning rage vehement too powerful to master


and I looked upon them with the curiosity of a child unaware of the forces of hate being expelled 

and in the peak of resolution one final grunting blow readied above our heads suddenly eyes welled 


the flash of irrelevance dashed through both eyes weakness and pain exhausted,spent.

frustration had given way and so too pain released, exorcised it went 


a desperate plea escaped thier eyes seeking mercy and had instantly found it.

i was stricken powerless by love and held over like breathing to have given it 


then the sons and daughters of pain and denial sprung forth from thier eyes 

sobs of relief and gratitude barreled into tortured cries truth had crushed lies


from knees the flung themselves at my feet kissing my footprints afraid of much 

and I knelt down and hugged them with humanities touch 


they clung and held fast to their forgivenesess 

and asked for my own. 


We floated in light and love waiting for the first smile of knowing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you.

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RoC's picture

At first I was lost

Then I was bound
Next came a war
I thought so profound
A blade appeared and caught my eye
And until the end
Never did love cross into my mind

The journey was masterfully etched, and I was on the edge of my screen every step of the way.
Beautifully done, milady

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

Spinoza's picture

like the way it bumps


“the numbed down dumb down perceptions”… I like the way that bumps along on my lips.

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Footpring Kissing

I have never heard this concept expressed and was glad it belonged to love. I lvoe you too :d



word_man's picture

i enjoyed the journey through

i enjoyed the journey through you`re emotions

ron parrish