Street lamp

kiss the street lamp closed, a new halo is dawning 

dew drops curl into little spheres ready to reflect their coming joy in glorious refraction!

the dove untucks her beak from her huddled wings,

the air wrestles it’s self to life after the still night

the lizards blink a slow blink as they charge in the gently rising rays 

the salty sea smiles, shining back very color the sun dares to paint the dawn

and the first baby gurgles in tune with the larks and wrens

the creaking of an old door warming up joins the chorus and 

tip toes navigate the perilous sounds of sudden awakening

A tipsy dance denotes that love has risen  

the hopes of a thousand dreams fluttering about 

Suddenly fall to the ground as the greeting came as hard as the stare 

“Where the fuck have you been again?”


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RoC's picture

And in the glow

The darkness fades
Welcoming dawn as night escapes
The shadows flow beyond the beam
Chasing yester-memories
A light to guide a wandering soul
Holds hope and warmth amidst its glow
And with the first deep breath of morning air
With love, all lives, just sit and stare
And what to my adjusting sight does appear
A heart aesthetic drawing me near

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

bishu's picture

I saw

Your poem was a video to me... I can't tell you very clearly... Tiny raindrops on a streetlight ...  frightened birds.. one dies falls... Was it symbolic of a drunk man wobbling home ? Don't bother yourself about my kinky thoughts & words. It was interesting to read . Best wishes



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I have been on the other side of the world.