A frequency of light


The worn old Black velvet sky with a multitude of clustered pinholes where light escaped its restraints to slip through and rest gently on the blackened earth. A wonder of the ever searching light and the void of darkness that held it at bay. Whatever the contortion; shadows, light and darkness, danced between life and death, obscurity and revelation, hovering between the fragile tensions. If there was another way, none would use it. It has been this way from the first inkling of the memory of the beginning and like such entrenched traditions, none saw the value of variants as the aeons proved. But ,just once in every billions of realities, there is one exception that brings with it a cataclysmic brilliance, that propels all consciousness and reason into a new birth, a newness of creation, with new realities unfolding, creating a new stream of well worn traditions. May they be ever more in the light of ether’s unfolding story of depths and heights, for the joy is in overcoming endlessly, a new and unfathomable task of enlightenment and a constant serarch for the ever expanding, ever changing now and then, through always.

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A Celebration


Of creativity...an alternative seldom chosen, seldom presented and believed. "...hovering between fragile tensions..." so tentative, so easily missed.  Once in "...every billions of realities..." answers how often. "...now and then through always." says when. Dance on light - bring newness, bring forth a tradition that can sustain and preserve. - a nice and happy wishing - slc




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Happy to be alive

Happy to be alive & be able to see the magic around me.... Best regards. Be Happy



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I Will Have To Revisit This Poem

A lot to see and sail on - slc



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Beautiful, Smoothie!

Lived the journey... Colorful to my mind.

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enjoyed the journey into

enjoyed the journey into infinity

ron parrish

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Keep searching and changing. 

Keep searching and changing.  That's what makes life interesting.

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Interesting observations. Nice write.