How to deal with the “shame” of ‘being white’ (a race poem)


They chant till my skin crawls

It’s not ok to be me

even if I’m not my Great-grand ancestors 

the sins of the father will be paid in full,

but what of the newly crowned shame?

and what will their children’s children pay for it?

I don’t mind losing our privileges 

Most of us never had them anyway,

We are all equal in the lot of life 

not choosing to be born 

but rather making of it what the situation demanded 

nature versus nurture 

no one is born with hate 

but we are well aware of retribution 

Though never when to stop. 

What gave freedom

is what is thrown aside 

for all other most worthy, 

least of all the colors of light.

where did we go right?

where did we go wrong?

that the free world once again succumbs 

to the tyranny of colour and we have once again learned


Author's Notes/Comments: 

ive decided I will get to 1500 poems before I make my final decision. Lucky for me! no so much for you! ;) 

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We Are The Lucky Ones

Intriguing title. Is it me or does that apply to all humans, the perspective sounds familiar. Our children pay for our deeds, our philosophies, our patterns. I think about that a lot. I worry about what will unfold and feel helpless to change the inevitable. Great write - wondrous title - so captivating - like all good titles should be. - slc



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Oh the... shame!?!

"Let me apologize to begin with
Let me apologize for what I'm about to say
But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed
And somehow I got caught up in between"

A guy I worked with a while back told me I should be ashamed because of my white ancestors. I, naturally, am not. Never knew them. Wasn't there. Had nothing to do with it. So, why should I live in shame for something I wasn't around for or a part of.
He said because I'm a descendant of them, and for that, I should be ashamed because of slavery... Something that occurred over 100 years before my time.
Hate to say it, but I have no shame. My ancestors came over as indentured servants... on both sides of my family after 1880, so, Not ashamed. Sorry, not sorry.

This whole controversy is a "15 minutes of fame" joke, and we all need to grow up before we implode. Idiotic millenials with their holier than thou attitudes.

So, if being white is a shameful thing, then shameful I will not be. I don't follow the rules anyway. But, at least, I can never be called a racist. I hate everyone equally. I call it Equal Opportunity Discrimination. (Think I can piss of the doxxers with that one?)

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I guess in 100 years ou4

I guess in 100 years ou4 children could @sk them if they were ashamed of gang violence and isis just like kkk and nazis . Sometime this is the reaso why racism is alive and well, there is an inability for people to forgive a move on creating resentment from those who make an effort to change or fought for the righting of a wrong. They didn’t do it alone. It’s a complicated thing when we bite the hand that feeds us. We could ll have it a lot worse. Look at the many other not so free nations. I suppose if you can’t live like a westerner you shouldn’t be in a western country. No way should the western world jeopardize the envious nations they are by denying their generous and compassionate nature. All stemming from the ancient principles of democracy, free speech and Judeo-Christian Principles. Like it or not this set the bar for a truly free society. everything else seeks to overtake it not realizing it wants to collect power and therefore dictate. The greatest threat these days is Globalists. But ask yourself hey are dictatorships unable to be penetrated the same way as free societies? I hate anti descrimination laws they are a muzzle on free speech and elimate the dealing with issues by forming taboos around social problems labeling them as bigotry when demographic data is obvious. Rather than dea with the issue they placate it and inflame it. It can’t be good. culture wars are real and never more divine than today because the hegemony is open to criticism but foreign agents or illega or historical injuices hold the country hostage despite evidence to the contrary. New social injustices ave be related and blind dot point social media activism will be the death of democracy and the once free now over regulated Westin world.  Rant over lol! Great to see you on ROC on! 

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We Are Lucky

To have you as a voice denying the wilderness. Nobody talks much about being white - it's gotta be as much of a bitch as being any other race. We all have our pasts to own. Damn. :D



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I guess. Everyone has the

I guess. Everyone has the potential to be shitty to someone. Ironically, Descrimination does not discriminate. All are victims to its folly.

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am