Dear chauvanists STOP!


I like my women tender yet strong 

I like to be that too 

Without feeling like i have to stop

In order not to offend you

Or make you feel inadequate 

Like that time you pushed her around 

Because you thought she was better than you 


I want to feel protected 

Apreciated and loved

And enjoy mutually agreed sex 

And even make love 

Not rape and force myself on anyone

That doesnt want me


Or leave the mother of my children 

Locked up with my progeny 

Your man-hood is falling over your eyes 

Your daughter is not a bargaining tool 

Or your mute uneducated slave

Your mother is the vessel of life 

That brought you in and kept you alive

They all have an opinion and value 

When you sprout you macho shit 

We've all had enough of it 

Your, overboard tough guy routine

Is tiresome and when you bashed you wife to a pulp

So you wouldnt hurt the kids

Thats not fucking  ok

And those so called honour killings no fucking way 

Stop giving decent men a shit rep

I cant even look at woman without

A harrarsment act stop taking my choices away

I'll  Fight  you to thend

I'll rip your balls off and feed em to the hens 

Chauvanist Fuckwits just stop. 


If i was a man there'd be one less chauvinist pig in the world! 




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That Last Line

Sounds sooooo much like Daniel-59 - slc



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Women Kill

abusers all the time. It is called domestic disturbance though. :(



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Everyone has has the

Everyone has has the potential to be a killer. 

All about balance please stop series just asks you to look at the situation. 

Women make up 40% of domestic violence and abusers they also kill and hurt spouses and children men have a higher kill rate. Its not ok. Its not acceptable. Blessings  ss 

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