Inside your victimology

Inside every victim 

Is a hero who gets up again 

And says not today,

Not ever again. 


No hero is a hero without first being given the chance to fail.


If a theif strikes you down and takes one day of your life 

Refuse to give them any more thought.  One day of pain is already too much.


The difference between a hero and a bystander is obvious. The need of anotger is greater than the needs of your own.


You don't have to be an extraordinary hero. Be an ordinary hero the world needs more of that. Open a door, give way to a passing car, let someone with less groceries than you infront of you in the line or just smile at everyone. 


Inside every victim is a hero dying to get out


Heroes arent born, theyre made.


A hero is as others dont but wish they did.


Being a hero is a choice even when all other choices have been taken away.


Live well, die trying 


Real heroes change tge world and often nobody even notices.


At any moment i could be a hero... but, which moment should I choose? 


The best hero is an accidental hero who never thought they were up for the job and did it anyway.


Will you be my hero? 


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Little Heroics

Good examples of how to be a hero daily .I like the unexpected hero best. - slc



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To be called hero

Is a humbling word

We once were called it

But we thought it absurd

For as a human we could only see

That distressed girl who needed to breathe.



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