Hanging on scratchy thoughts with wispy edges 

Trying to capture the essence of a memory 

But its like catching fluffy daisy seeds swirling in the wind 

Just when you think you've got one, you dont!

Off they go drifting out of sight, fading,

just like the memory of you 

I don't even have the past to hold on to like I used to

Been so long;

and just because I cant grasp every warm memory

Doesn't mean i miss you any less,  

The gaps are only wider 

And I miss you even more.

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Marvel write

Like water slipping thru palms



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Lost in the summer sky...

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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Like Memories

Fuckin' daisy seeds  . . . elusive suckers :D