Hurts so good

The image of your sex hangs above me in all your glory 

Shudders as Whispers materialize in my ear breath on a heartbeat 

I love your cunt shiefs through the air 

wet swetness pools 

at the thought of your impending invasion 

My body aching up breasts offered to the air of your missing mouth 

How i want to wrap myself cock deep around you 

Open lips mirror open lips

a desperate invitation over the airwaves 

The warmth of your hands still lingers from so long ago 

To devour every thick long inch of you 

Pulsations give rise to gsping need 

it hurts so damn good

I offer myself up to the image of you 

My sex desperately waiting your return 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hurts so goud 

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Respected SS

I'd not like to be called a liar. Yes ! I read this. But ain't kids reading this !! ?? A true heartfelt poem. 

Best wishes. 



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Offered up to the air?
Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
I think I may need a cold shower now :p

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