Soul mates

Such a pure longing for our chemistry intertwined

how the effervescence gives way to such a rich full bodied happiness

always fleeting with such consuming intensity

A profound impacting of souls suspended over us indefinately 


such a slow fade to ok

such a long drop from joy 

comfotably numb until the next moment serendipity plays with our vibrations

calling on fate to pacify her whims 

such a beautifully cruel couplet 

tortourously satisfying while constantly feeding the hunger 

it happens with such imperfect frequency 


I hum my song to your tune 

youre almost gone now 

getting comfortable again


I smile,

 I'm just about to fade 

and your song is on the radio 

 number 23

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jonas perfect strangers 

chainsmokers don't let me down

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Always a favorite. As your works that tend to draw me.

Copyright © morningglory

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"...a slow fade to ok..."

You never disappoint. You work touches on the intimate in all of us with each line progressing to some emotional constant, some place where we have always a. been, b. wanted to be, c. plan to go to eventually. There is a lot of love in your poetry. I gotta work on that - the love is necessary - we already know the problems and the hell of earth born; time to celebrate the good stuff! Yeah, u got it, I'm trying to convince myself and you are helping. Thanks ~allets~