The Whispers in My Heart


The wind creeps up on me carrying the whisper of your voice 

 With welcome Warmth Your soul envelops me,


You haven't forgotten me in this long breaking of our presence 

I miss you too.

You know I won't come,

I'm too stubborn 

I know what it means

Though I think of you endlessly 

I wish on every star I see it could be different 

But time is the ultimate master of its journey 

It won't go backwards,

No matter how desperately pleaded

Time has no conscience 

And serendipity is a joker 

Poking fun while living through disaster

Seducing with flashes of false hope 

Oh but love is a greater power 

It out lasts and out shines all these trials of destiny

This life is half led 

Shhh, I whisper,

Not this life,

The next 

I will come for you 

With a fanfare of all the colours of love 

I feel you gently let go

But know you'll come again

Just as you know 

I'll be waiting 

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Ugh! Loved this Ssmoothie! Sometimes your words really draw me in. Nicely done. 

Copyright © morningglory

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"...serendipity is a joker..."

Concurrence! Weaving words like that requires mastery. Bravo for the dichotomies of partings and a plethora of returns. :D. ~A~