Be kind to your fellows



Be kind to your fellows

for Love

is the ally of God


Power and kindness entwined


the greatest flow

of joy


Death cannot break Love


across time


For God holds the master key

of time,

tightly gripped in his fingers


And he opens that door

of Love,

to all of his loyal servants







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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Brilliant imagery in..

"God holds the master key of time, tightly gripped in his fingers"

Spinoza's picture

Indeed He does


He does Indeed. Of this, I am certain.


patriciajj's picture

Beaming with the highest

Beaming with the highest wisdom and a source of reassurance that, ultimately, all is right with the universe because Love is in control as "Power and kindness" are "entwined". There's no guidance more pure, indisputable and transformative. With elegant clarity, you strike straight at the heart of our existence: why we are here. 

Spinoza's picture

The Higgs Field – is Love


Love – is that special field of energy, holding all things together. Where it falters – where it withers, life disintegrates.