Not the SAMO

He missed his chance at beautiful youth within the torrid storms of adulthood
A once radiant child, a genius child, wading through the detritus beneath
Countless naked outlines of undeveloped personalities etched in life’s canvas
A speaker of vitality lacking all the vital bullet points mapping out the altruisms
Needed for a humble existence to claw its way out of the selfish behemoth
The organic parasite bred in our babes and nourished through Plasma screens
Until their chains are let loose by the unparents lucky to make it through unbothered
The character of a man is best shown through the company he keeps and they have
Kept him chastised within himself, cemented to adolescent dreams, a Godfather Nightmare
That might not come true if only he had a hammer to break that which binds him
Jean Michel was a delicate soul, too pure to escape the desolation of inner demons
Man Dies, Man Dies, Man Dies, Man Dies, and man did he die far too baby faced for the river
Left skin blemished, brittle for those broken times, yet his brilliance is on display right now
At cocktail parties, the missus pointing out the perfect color scheme while irony giggles sinfully
But he is not him, he is the one painting his blood over SAMO graffiti, he is the man
Unfound in a city that always seems to fall asleep on him yet on no one else
A savant that won’t be found until death comes round, then oh watch the scholars
Debate his divinity, the good thief suddenly he has become, forgiven once departed
For it is death that brings the Midas touch to lonely creations made in dark light
For it is in that the commonality of all man comes together in the realization
That once it is gone only then do we realize what we have been missing all along
Whether it be the elegances in a musical note, the frame in film or the touch of love
Once it has vanished we all become emptier to ourselves and to each other
So when you see him or his ghostly kin holding court, screaming left brain politics
Know you may be witness to the next great one, so give credence in life rather than death
So he may not search for the reaper so effortlessly in his time and those after him.

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I am referring to Basquiat is

I am referring to Basquiat if anyone want's to know

Always discovering things I've already found