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Birmingham, Alabama

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My hobbies are: Basketball, writing poetry, listening to quality music, reading (in general), watching TV (Only sports, Cosby Show, Martin, Sanford & Son, and a few other comedy sitcoms, along with DVD's), and simply being a student of life - learning to profess its truths & profound mysteries.

This is that prodigy of a child they call, Prodigal Prince. Right now I'm a 23 year old student at Tennessee State University, studying English Literature and Psychology. Now, there's a whole lot more to me than what meets the eye, but that's all going to be described in my autobiography, coming to you in near future. But anyway, as for the moment, I'm just a struggling young Black brother trying to make his mark in today's society. No one ever said that it would be easy, but in the same breath, no one ever told me that shit would be this difficult. It seems like when it comes to me, life comes full circle. So, through my all of my pain, suffering, and frustration, I find myself facing an empty page; a blank sheet of paper, where I creatively express trials of life. And with this site I present to you the experiences of my life; the life of the Prodigal Prince.

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''It isn't whether or not time is on our back, or on our side that rubs us, but whether or not we have time to discover.''
--Prodigal Prince--

''...Clown around when I hang around with the Underground... Folks who used to clown say I'm down when I come around... Gas me when they passed me... they used to diss me & harass me, but now they ask me if they could kiss me... get some fame, people change...''
--Tupac Shakur--

''...Don't they understand that more people are handed crack more than a diploma...''
--Tupac Shakur--

''Beef is not what Jay said to Nas; Beef is when the working folk can't find jobs...''
--Mos Def--

''...Beef is when the crack babies can't find Moms, cause they're in a pine box, or locked behind bars...''
--Mos Def--

''...Beef aint the summer jam for Hot 97; Beef is the cocaine and Aids epidemic...''
--Mos Def--

''...Beef is not what these famous niggas do on the mic; Beef is what George Bush would do in a fight...''
--Mos Def--

''...Some beef is big, some beef is small, but what y'all consider beef aint beef at all. Beef is real life happening everyday, and it's more than them songs y'all gave to Kay Slay...''
--Mos Def--

''There is no such thing as 'future'. The future is in your imagination; The past is in your memory. The only thing that matters is the present. That's why they call it 'present', because it's a gift.''
--Sticky Fingaz--

''Just cause you got dreadlocks, don't make you righteous...''

''Sex without love is violence.''
--Eric Jerome Dickey-- (The Other Woman)

''Sex is communication; Sex is food. I believe in feeding man. And I believe in being fed. Feed him or he'll eat somewhere else.''
--Eric Jerome Dickey-- (The Other Woman)


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