It's been long

It’s been long since last.

False fantasies routed my journey

But, I see you have not forgotten.

I’ve missed you none, unwanted guest.

Your arrival is of no surprise though

The core was melting, I could tell.

And that restless pondering spread

As slowly, silently, you fixated on me

Nights became days, and sleep disturbed.

What patience you had

To clutch the wearer once again;

Take control, dualism in affect.

I do admit to my faults

But what has awaken a beast such as you

With your Prozac filled hallucinations.

These useless questions qualm the spirit

As day by day, preparations take no heed

And the constant battle continues.

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Raychul Bruneau's picture

I luffed this! I especially liked the part about prozac... heehee...yay for you.