Blowing smoke rings through time

Blowing smoke rings through time

I humbly sat on my cushioned oasis.

Sucking synthetic sun rays for days.

Watching the histories of others unfold

While waiting on mine, yet to be told.

This lethargic limbo leaves me lost,

Looking for ashtrays and bottles’ bottoms.

Breathing camel filled carcinogens;

Softly exhaling my origin about.

Always holding my instincts with doubt.

My domain is filled with final fantasies.

I am disillusioned by animated anomalies.

Acting out dreamlike destiny’s

While procrastinating on prophecies.

Dispersing my own unscathed specialties.

My dreams overflow with desires

Of essence filled endeavors.

Satisfying my impatient ambitions;

To being the embodiment of trust

And occasionally of others lust.

There I sat, whispering wanton words.

Wishing to rise to a moment’s motivation;

To carry out my cumbersome cognitions.

So, I decided to walk, leaving home astray

While gently breaking smoke rings along the way.

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