The Girl I Never Knew

I met you a year ago...or was it yesterday?!
You keep in touch, but stay disconnected-
I have kissed you once or twice, that was nice!
I feel like I just met you,

"What was your name again?"

We embrace in conversation, yet you lose your
direction-Your weary eyes reflect your pain,
I can see through them the past lingering in your
mind...Maybe is the timing in life, maybe is the life
I will live in fall for random women,
every single one of them with a troubled past-
'Project' women in my life! Now I realize a project
you have become, giving me little to work with,
but expecting the world of me, in which,
I would give but you are not interested.
You say you are scared, I think you do not care to

"Hey you! the girl I never knew..."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never knew her...

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