Today was a good day I got my pay from work , got to hang out with my best friend
I was at elm park and I noticed a guy and girl sitting at the bench and get up and walk away
I didn't pay much attention , Then me and Bj went for a little ride around town to water font ,
Cause there was a storm brewing the clouds looked like they were from the deps of hell ,
We biked a bit and we were riding in elm park and I glanced over to were the girl and guy were
sitting and something caught my eye I thought IT was a smoke pack But then I sa something shiny I stop the
Bike real fast and IT was a 600$ Iphone 4 I was in shock the first thing to come to mind was to try to find
The guy who lost it , And me and my friend biked away really fast in the derection the guy went away in
But No luck So we went back to elm park to see if he went there , And All of a sudden The "lost phone"
Started to ring So I picked it up It seid "dad" I seid " hello do you know who owns this phone ?"
He said "yeah" then I said "I found it in elm park on the bench " he said He will send the guy who lost it to me
I hung up A few minutes later he called back and said " Okay there will be a guy In white camo pants to get it "
O said okay I'm in the middle of the park , A few minutes later A black car pulls up and The guy who lost it
Got out and started to walk so I walked towards him And We met it had just started raining a few minutes earlier
I was soaked , I handed him the phone He had a Big but odd smile on his face like he just realized there are still
A few honest people around here I handed him the phone he said " Thanks I really appreciate it " And then he handed me 10$
I said thanks and I walked away he got in his car then left I Biked home in the rain and dryed off and Jumped on the computer ..

I sit here and wonder How it felt to him looseing a 600$ phone , and How happy he was to get it back ,
Still to this day I love to help people out .

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So nice of you. I'm glad to

So nice of you. I'm glad to have read this