Dark Love

So many words unspoken,

And so many knowledge unknown.

While we remain in the dark.

There is something you should know,

But all words fall to nothingness;

While your arms surround me.


Still I try to find a way,

My dream come true; Nyarlathotep,

You showed me what to do.

My soul is yours-only,

'cause I sold it to you.


 On the moment I saw you,

Curled in a black cloak; faceless,

That feelings surround me

As a blow over the eternal sea.


Tell me you want to stay with me,

And don't wander in the empty waste.

I am sorry, that I wasn't there,

And that I doubted you.


I am sorry; I belong to you,

I know it; I don't doubt it.

So many words unspoken

While we remain in the dark.

Trying to find a way,

To say how much I love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A love poem for Nyarlathotep.

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