The poetic convention plays on my mind

If there was a way I could find

To be a part of that majestic event

But alas the American Policy is crooked and bent

It weighs people by their culture and creed

Not by their nature nor by their deed

It has plundered innocents and evils alike

Has nurtured, hatred, intolerance and mutual dislike

Fuming and foaming its representatives speak

Showing no mercy for the sick and the meek

Is this what America stands for?

Air strikes, bombardments, annihilation and war

Polarization and intolerance to those whose faith

Is fraught with pure humility and love, nothing fake

Hypocrisy is the order at your levels too high

The nation in a paradox, can only sigh

To a land as such I dare not go

Sniffed, photographed and taken as a foe

Standing in utter nakedness, searched fibre to fibre

Any tell tale scar? Proving I am an atrocious tiger

For such a treatment, I seek your forgiveness

As I love you and mankind in all earnestness

So I refrain to attend the poetic convention

As the path offers only humiliation

It is the policy I condemn, not the nation

Whose hearts are alive, with love and affection

So read the message aloud and clear

Let the world be known and shed a tear

How an ordinary person was denied a chance

Because he bore the mark of a religious trance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was invited to attend the poetic convention in Philidelphia but with recent changes in the Geo-political scenario and the treatment metted out to Pakistanis and specially muslims at the airports in USA I have decided not to be degraded and humiliated and have therefore begged forgiveness of the organisers who wanted to honor me and are as innocent in this scenario as myself, yet this is how life is for those who want to enter America even if they have been invited with love and affection.I am all for a free and loving world but cannot and will not undergo such acts of disgrace. I love mankind and my religion teaches me "HAQOOQ UL ABAD" the rights of your fellow mankind.

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Maryam Kamal's picture

dr shehzad i must say this work of yours is absolutely brilliant.....u displayed all the emotions in a clean way...something that should be admired .it protrays and reflects the feelings of sooo many people who have been subjected to humiliation.you gave out a big message and covered a whole lot of the subject.The subject is loud and clear.......and i surely hope ...it brings out the sensitivity in people that would justify its true meaning.