"Woe Is ME!"

Woke up from a nightmare

But I was not asleep.

I start to panic,

And you see me

Label me a drama queen

My "woe is me" routine.

You would be too,

If you tried on my shoe.

And the worst part is,

Realizing these sneakers don't fit.

And no one really gives a shit.

I watch, eyes wide

Swallowing every bit

Of undignified pride

Wish I could quit,

Just like you did.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

its a sweet poem and done in realistic way because you know how to be in heart with your sweet thoughts like you did here in this poem.. I say, the one whom I cant forget ever is sweet shana dear with her rich ideas, sweet feelings and friendly commtments... hope you will be same return to your poetry world and keep remember those who make you stay in hearst ..as me.. see your more poems and words