What Waits At The On The Other Side?


Into the mouth of the hungry mountain, he faded; staggering as each slow, clumsy step took him two steps closer to the unknown, and one step beyond the vile death that stalked him. In the chasm, there existed no sight to guide him, no light to shine his way; only the sensation of long abandoned train tracks that lie in sorrow under his feet; the skeleton left behind. As though to show him the way to life eternal, each wood plank; every stone sank deep into the sole, walking him further on into the void. Against the walls of the night, horrid bellows of suffering and madness echoed wildly, numbing his head with the agony of hell, surrounding him; filling him with confusion. Where they behind him, where in front of him; was he walking away from grave, or walking into it? As the rotting unseen called out from somewhere beyond the dying moonlight, which long left him abandoned and blind, the fear began to burn hot; With no strength left, no protection, and no memory; would he find salvation? Forcing himself forward, he shuffled deeper into the bowls of the mountain.

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