Something like grace



There’s a new spark in her eyes

Something different in her face 

You can tell by the way she walks

Her feet are light with Grace 

Her smile is bigger now

She loves differently than before 

It's like she’s lived through something 

And yet tasted something more.

Her approach is different

There’s kindness in her hands

Her movements fragrant and soft

But strength is present as she stands.

Humility mixed with reassured confidence.

She seems so different now

Than the girl I saw years ago

She’s so young and beautiful

But she seems grown up somehow

I hope one day she tells her story

How I long to hear it out loud

Her voice it’s like a melody

She speaks without a sound.

She spreads joy like the ocean

And her smile will make you laugh

Her eyes see the world different

Always and only with love.

It’s as if she’s thinking of someone

She’s always lost in wonder

She seems to know who she is

She doesn’t hesitate or ponder.

What does she have, why is she so different?

What kind of love is flowing through her?

the she responds with warmth and dignity

But yet remains calm in midst of anger

Her skin it glows

Something is written on her face

Every bit of her shows

Something and it looks like grace.

It’s as if she’s been rescued

Her body sways as if she’s free

She’s fearless as she presses forward

Opening every door as if she has the key

She’s brilliant as burns like flames of fires

Creative and intelligent

She’s passionate about all her desires

There’s lightens to her heart

Even though her burden is harder than the rest

Even when she falls hard, she gets up

Tries again and keeps giving it her best


(There’s a new spark in her eyes

A pep in her step, with a heart of compassion

So deep its written all on her face

something I can’t quite understand

But its something like grace)


There’s a new spark in her eyes

You can hear it in her voice

I don’t quite understand

But it sounds something like grace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ther stuff in paranthesis is either an alternative paragraph to the last one, or an excisting one i need to edit.. havebnt quite made up my mind on this so feel free to advice or comment.

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Awesome !

Awesome !

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Gorges. As fine a moving poem

Gorgeous. As fine a moving poem I've ever had the pleaure to read.