US Gun and Other Violence

First Do No Harm



In 2021 as of midApril there were 266 multiple shootings in the US. What are some factors?


Violence to Women

There is a culture of violence to women which includes rape and other physical violence. It is abuse of those who are usually not as strong physically, and a belief that women are the property of their husbands or partners. 97% of US murders are done by men.



African Americans per capita are shot much more than whites, Latinos, or Asians. For centuries they were enslaved and since 1863 have been lynched or otherwise executed at rates 3 to 4 times more than whites.




Atty Leonard Finz was one of the first to sue drug companies over antidepressants’ role in causing homicide and suicide. The FDA puts such a warning on bottle labels of Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil and other corticosteroids. Dr Peter Breggin has written countless books and articles on the violence, aggression, anger, irritability, suicide and homicide caused by big pharma which ignores the deaths and injuries as it has eyes only for profits.




We know some are ‘angry drunks’ because alcohol releases inhibitions.



The military teaches young men and women how to kill.This

training spills over into domestic violence.




The Republican administration in 2020 executed 13 federal prisoners, despite the fact that only5 states had killed prisoners in 2019. As Agatha Christie said, 'judges murder within the law'.


There is no protection from violence by guards or other prisoners for the over 2 million prisoners in the US, the highest per capita percentage in the world.


Parents, Schools, 4H, The NRA


Parents, Schools,4H, the NRA teach children to stalk and kill animals in the woods. Schools teach students to kill & dissect animals. Analysis of serial killers is that over 90% were taught to kill when young by farming or hunting adults or entering the military. Children watch as adults smash beehives and exterminate raccoons squirrels and birds in attics or catch mice with brutal glue or spring traps. They are taught that killing animals, birds, and fishes for food, stealing the milk of cows and the eggs of chickens is what humans should do. They are exposed to tv shows of people clapping at rodeos as animals' necks are broken by jerked ropes before they are slammed to the ground.4H is an animal agriculture promoting group which teaches children to nurture and raise animals and then to be involved in their killing.

Corporal Punishment:

Spanking or whipping are still legal in many states. This culture was brought to colonial America from Britain where boys in public schools were often flogged. Such violent violation drives children's anger underground.


What We Ingest:


What we eat and drink and violence: When animals are in agonized pain, terror and anger at slaughterhouses, they secrete adrenaline some of which remains in their murdered flesh even after cooking, affecting action. In addition, artery blocking animal fat can create high blood pressure and frustration, generating anger. American obesity is related to meat and dairy consumption. Obesity also makes people angry.



TV news and shows, film, video games, boxing, football,  glorify violence. When 'The 3 Stooges' played on tv after school hours, teachers reported more incidents of slapping ond punching others on the playground or on the way home.



We have more guns per capita than any other country on earth. Last year 113,150 were shot by guns. Of that number 36,500 died. Assault weapons, sale of ammunition for assault weapons, ghost guns, tv gun sales and gun shows should be banned.


Killings By Police:

Police killings last year by country US:1146 Zero deaths in Switzerland, UK, Japan, Denmark, Iceland, Nepal, Australia, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Indonesia, Netherlands 


Anger Management And Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution and anger management courses have a beneficial effect taught in schools or assigned to those required by a court order to take courses. Police who have been charged with excessive force should be removed from the force except for desk duty.


In 2020 and 2021 poverty and job loss resulted from covid lockdowns. Not for many decades has there been as much hunger and homelessness as there is now. Desperate lack of money creates anger.

Mass shooters:

Mass shooters can be 1. racially motivated or 2. hatred of prostitutes or 3. revenge for perceived insults or 4. mind control pawns 5. even someone upset by a fast food order etc. Virtually all mass shootings in the US are caused by white males.




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Accurate Portrait Of 2021 Civilization

Add declining birthrates and infertility, usa deaths of mother and issue is alarming. With the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, responsibility needs to be enforced. Creative ways to isolate and recondition criminals needs to be explored. Judicial and legal tort reform along with losing privatized prisons would be a start. 

Biden already getting sucked into another war. A moritorium for 20 years would be nice unless we are attacked, not our allies. Trump taught usa, it can do pretty much what it wants. No war replaced with buman deveopment, health and employment and mental health  iniatives, cheaper housing, and going green. 

Great article (had hamburger for dinner). We have a few other fish to fry starting with  Israel.






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Every factor you listed here

Every factor you listed here absolutely culminated in the horrors that, again and again,  shock the world. Where did we think all this desensitization and cruel indoctrination would lead? Why should it be surprising? 


You presented some facts here I wasn't aware of. A devastating, conscious-raising and crucial report. Bravo!