Film And TV Directors Who Cause Suffering And Glorify Violence



War and assassination have been glorified in thousands of movies, tv
series, books. Stunt men and women are sacrificial lambs for directors. Untold numbers of deaths
and injuries have resulted in jumps, crash scenes, brutal fights. In Sundance Kid, the director risked the lives of 2 stunt men who leapt into a gorge. He rolled a horse over
down a hill. The dog also was forced to jump and was hanged as his leash was caught.
Actors are injured in fight scenes. Was the brutal fight scene in Cool Hand Luke
necessary? Paul Newman in screen tests was beaten over and over for 3 days
onto hard ground. At least 1 horse was literally blinded deliberatly by the director's orders in the film Equus.  In Ben Hur, Broadway Bill and thousands of other movies' horses, cows

etc. were deliberately injured or killed.
The movie was picketed in several cities. in contrast is actor Clint Eastwood
who worked tirelessly to end the tripwiring of horses
which had resulted in deaths and broken necks for both horses and their riders in hundreds of Westerns.
While shooting the film African Queen, the director in his offtime shot
an elephant, not with film but as a 'big game' hunter.  He also included brutal rodeo
scenes in the movie The Misfits. GS directed
the movie Giant in which thousands of steers were harmed. Billions of bulls have been castrated into steers in reality before
being branded with redhot irons, a practice which should be outlawed. Why did
the director have to torture a calf
with branding in the movie?
 The names of the directors of 10 other brutal rodeo movies have been removed but they were films in which calves
were nearly strangled by being roped and sometimes killed. They were pulled at the neck, were slammed to the
ground, bulls were confined, horses often harmed, and rodeo cowboys often suffered
Do we need endless car chases in movies? chases in which people's lives are
threatened and animals are run down?
Cars crashing down hillsides as they
destroy animals and birds, trees and plants?

Do directors need to feature men and women fishing, as the hooked

creatures fight for their lives and die of suffocation, of being smashed in boats. In the movie Annie Hall, Woody Allen drops 5 living lobsters into boiling water.  One newspaper called the torture a funny scene.


Ben Hur, The Life of Pi, Broadway Bill, The Hobbit, Equus, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Annie Hall, Gosford Park, virtually every western with horses, every movie in which cows and steers

were rounded up, every movie in which fishes were suffocated... there is not enough room

to list the tens of thousands of movies in which directors arranged deaths and injuries for animals and actors went along.

stunt men and women deaths
a very inadequate job of monitoring film cruelty
Only 10 of thousands of movies in which animals were
deliberately harmed are mentioned
animal rights films for children
vegan friendly films


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