Slipping Out of the Body Cage



                  God put 30% more sands
                 in the lifetime hourglass of one..
                 and 50% more birthday candles
                 on the cherry pie of another..
                 and patted the hand of a third..
                 and her lifeline was doubled..
                 but there was a fourth..
                 in the magnetic field
                 of ecstasy
                 his earthclock stopped..
                 he wanted only to be with
                 the Lord of Love..
                 ... and that evening
                 he slipped from his body cage.

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Misty Lackey's picture

a different neat poem that I would read over and over again. please stop by and read some of my poetry.

myrataal's picture

Hallo SNS! Yes: He keeps Life and Death in his Hand. Oh, to be with the Lord of Love even whilst captured in this body cage ... That is called Heaven on Earth, I guess ... or rather: I know. Love Myra