Beyond Definition



That which is infinite, eternal, love, divine

is beyond scientists' power to define,

beyond every frequency,

beyond what humans can hear or see

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I Gotta See It


can't see it



or going.

I gotta

touch it too,

the devine.




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Great Write!

Great Write!

*~I know I'm blessed, but I'm cursed to ~ NF*

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God grants invisible ideas only of his holiness

That as we try to articulate, have conversation

We find only and ever we are shrouded in limit

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We can have glimpses and

We can have glimpses and imitations in our human state, but you are correct that the highest, unconditional Love is beyond time, beyond space, beyond form. A profound and thought-provoking entrance into the eternal mysteries. 

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But the infinite may be experienced within or as a connection with another human being.  Stephen