There is a perfectly shaped, Carmen sized hole, in my heart

That calls your name, and aches when we’re apart.

Day and night it taunts me with your absence,

And with every beat it keeps a perfect cadence

Of your name:




Without you I am lost and confused. My eyes, which once were

Used to acknowledge your radiance and perfect beauty,

Weep daily because they can no longer perform their duty.

Everything they view is dull and base by contrast to your faultless grace.

They often dart quickly, back and


Searching for you behind every leaf and stone,

Behind every mountain and tree,

Knowing, that if they can only find you, they will

Understand what it truly means to SEE.

Nothing makes sense without you here

The whole world is hazy, dim, unclear,

Like holding up a broken mirror to a torn


My voice is missing its harmony,

It’s sweet second half...

And all that I am is


For  Carmen

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Jessica Crowley's picture

Kind of a scattered rhyme scheme but it's probably intentional. Altogether that poem is beautiful...