The Guardian Of Time

Old Poems

Iv'e been around for thousands of years

I have two eyes but shed not tears

I stand alone I have no friends

my eyes of stone observe the trends

I cannot move but since my birth

Iv'e travelled further than all on earth

and be warned that my spirit looms

over all who dare disturb the tomb's

all who listen now take heed!!

every soul who succumbed to greed

is locked in me and wont be freed

my face is chipped my paint is worn

scars from battle with the great sand storm

Iv'e seen the rise of empires grand

who now are buried beneath the sand

but I will stand forever as a sign

the great sphinx, the guardian of time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Theres something really wonderous about the sphinx eh?

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darkpool's picture

Beautiful poem, very thoughtful and colorful. Evokes the mystery that the ancient builders were striving for when they gave us the Sphinx. Ken

Nancy H's picture

A great poem Robbie; very nice flow. And I agree, the sphinx is a wonderous creature. I look forward to checking out your other posts. Thanks, Nancy