Change is the only constant

Old Poems

As I sat outside and gazed at the sky,

I watched the sand's of time slip by,

I look at the stars and silently cry

as I felt the well of my youth running dry,

I thought of the friendships I had made and lost,

I pondered my goals and imagined the cost,

change can be happy, change can be sad,

change can be welcome or change can be bad,

but whether we smile or whether we fuss,

change will always be a part of us.

So I thought about how I could make it work for me,

and I wondered what my future will be.

I guess for now that's not for me to see,

I just thank god that im still free;

to learn play sports or just watch T.V.

But not for long the clock ticks by,

how much more time will I have to fly?

And I can't help but sit and Ponder...

how many more years will I squander?

I think of my past, I think of my friends,

I remember the teachers and all of the trends,

But what I should remember as happy

years only helps add to invisible tears.

Live each day as you would your last,

for the sands of time move far too fast,

and every decision you make make only for you,

because you don't want to make a mistake for someone you outgrew,

And  when it's all over and your dead in the ground, just hope

what you lost didn't out weigh what you found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One thing every one has in common is change,.. whether we like it or not.

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Good poem.

Good poem.