Autumn In Nova Scotia

Old Poems

Waking up with frost on the ground


and not a flower to be found-


the morning air is crisp and cold


the winter months will soon unfold


the leaves fall languidly from the trees


bit by bit from an icy breeze...




But still it's the most incredible view-


the Autumn leaves shinning in golden hues


and what a gorgeos sight-


the oranges and reds all burning bright


with matching scarves wrapped snug and tight


and  ruddy red  cheeks like two little lights-


the leaves crunching beneath your feet


a carpet of fire on cold concrete


and the wind sings lullibies to children at play


while you meet with your love in a toasty cafe


I suppose it's not so bad


after all.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this while walking home from school and takeing in all the colourful tree's around the lake

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Autumn in nova scotia:



Beautifull poem, full of descriptive quality. Love your words in describing the colours of autumn.

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 Good write!

 Good write!