Two Stories

Poems about my dad

Shut the door, you breaking man 

Two stories to make you sad 

Love hurts, left debris 

The first sight of anguish, not only on the movie screen

Bad influence now bad dreams.


Breakneck speed, crying bad 

Two stories to make you sad.


New communication, new threads 

Hold your head up kid, the past is dead 

Breaking waves, shaky floor 

New house, new place, same house, nevermore. 

Matched with all the disdain, 

Shut the front door and 

Go away.

Stop crying about all you had 

Two stories to make you sad 

New ways, not okay, such a sullen face 

You got your priorities mixed up, thought you just needed a taste

Broken foundation of love 

Hard to illuminate 

Thought you were on my side 

Guess this was your natural state 

All alone, a legitimate fear 

Gone is a home built on many years 

Your love instilled, but image soon fades, 

The love instilled eventually decays 

The voice of reason silent in its wake 

The voicemail messages expire away


Breakneck speed, no longer bad 

Two stories to make you sad 


Two heads, two hearts, two distant paths

Memories gone with the wind, 

Maybe was all a fad 

Two stories to make you sad

The story of me and my dad 

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

I hope for you that time will

I hope for you that time will prove it wasn't just a fad, but rather that this time is an error your dad will someday do all he can to make up for.


Your writing talents are worthy of praise, as well, though the subject matter itself is most important.