7 Deadly Sins


Seven by seven, no entry in Heaven

Well, that's too bad. For the seven deadly sins are no mere fad.


The breaker of trust, a feeling that compells us, the love of touch, lust befells us.


Overconsuming by swallowing, wallowing in overindulgence, concern for selfish impulses, eating away, the profane characteristics of gluttony.


Greed is simply stated, money is what's concentrated, the sin of desire, material wealth over one's self, haste comes the fire.


Lacking in interest of world, no interest in people, no voice to be heard. Sloth, the lacking of life, boredom makes its way, apathy among one means a sluggish decay.


Anger, rage, and hate, all enveloped in wrath, taking this road is a violent path.


An insatiable desire, the desire to covet, which vanity conspires. Envy pays, but not in the most desirable of ways.


Pride, which is never set aside, is blinding. The father of all sins, one self above all. The finding of how far one ridden with pride may fall.

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I have a Get Out of Hell Free

I have a Get Out of Hell Free Card good for all 7 deadly sins...plus stupidity. 



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