Thinking Out Loud

How can one live without questioning everything?

At the table of life, what do you come to bring?

When we are hurt, why does it severely sting? 

Why does happiness flee as if it's some fling?

Why don't we question everything?

How did people live under the rule of a king?

Are we all puppets attached to an invisible string?

Why do we measure companionship by the gifting of a ring?

How can we know the answers, if we don't question a thing?

When there were no songs, what did people sing?

Why do we divide ourselves into a left or right wing?

If we get no answers, what's the point of worshipping?


What is life, if we dont question anything?




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I Love This Line:

"When there were no songs, whst did people sing?" I question everything, a formula for insanity, assuredly. But Hey! I poet. :d slc



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Questioning is a good thing. 

Questioning is a good thing.  You should seek the answers rather than just accept what the first person tells you.

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"The left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird"

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