Dirty Lil’ Thoughts......

Adult Content

Dirty Lil’ Thoughts......

I will start at your ears

whisper the dirty lil' thoughts

you want to hear.

Kiss and nibble on your neck

run my tongue along your skin.

Make you moan

and groan.

Then on to your chest

with kisses ever so soft.

Going down

and down

and down.

Then take you in my mouth

make you yearn for more.

Rising to mount you

and take you all in.

I hear the moans of pleasure

with each movement of my hips.

The rhythm of the thrusts

goes deeper in.

The essence of ecstasy

Smeared over

sweat glistened skin

Hearts race from

the sins of passion

In the light

of the


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saint's picture

oh wow that was SO ~~~hot~~~ :D