A Few Thoughts

*  tear drops freeze before

this howling winter wind as

Spring-like thoughts cry out.


*  wild blossoms bloom

high on cliff's edge;

they create poetry

with the morning sun.


* beneath an Autumn moon

the sound of water trickles as

purple flowers bloom.


*  between the cracks

red roses grow

in concrete dreams.


*  a journey begun

through desert, jungle

and icy rain

to reach the mountain crest

and smell the Plum Blossoms there.



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I Love Your Writing, redzone

I come back to your writes annualy, missing you here. Lovely write, the weight lifts. Hope all is well and trouble is in flight so that happy can happen for you. Missing you. Be well - Stella




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nice write

Much Love


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Wow and Awe and Other Stuff

I will return and re-read another three times, at least - the painter paints, the poet too, ~Stella~ p.s. the underlines are gone.
Just re-read - marvelous writing this - Lady A


Another glance - captivatingly beautiful full of possibilities, potential, and hopes attained. 07-02-17 slc

As promised, a third reading - awe becomes wisdom - Stella