Bound and Gagged

Bound and gagged, my love chokes in the cell

The cold cell you built for it, stone by stone

Cold hard stones of fear and stones of envy

Firmly cemented with hard jealousy

My love, caged, a wild thing, it will die.

Unmourned, angry, bitter and gasping,

For the sweet air of freedom and of choice.

If you love, or have ever loved me.

Let me fly! Stretching my wings for a while.

Soar and swoop in the soothing winds of change

Breathing a while, the clean air of freedom

Then back, as ever to you, remade, new.

Home to the rock on which we perch, our nest.

Warm, built of love and cemented by trust

Fly, I’ll tend the nest, awaiting your love

Returning. Unmarred by bitterness

Unfettered, loving, trusting and free

Until time ends, or the devil takes me!

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Starward's picture

That last line seems very very very appropriate! Bravo!


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