Satan holds no fear, for the consumer.

Reaper, swing your scythe, mow us all to hell.

So that we can begin to destroy it.

With shopping malls, fast food and the freeway.

Satan holds no fear, for the consumer.

He will be consumed with all his like.

Unless he does his own reality show.

No pit of fire for a gold card holder.

We moved our gods, our new Olympus.

Far to the west in sunny Hollywood.

Our pantheon: vast, glossy and shallow.

We worship, consume and are consumed.

The world dances to our profane music.

Electronic gods, in every household.

Templed in; TV, iPod and radio.

Dazzled by our glory and our success.

We do not see the storms that are building.

When consumerism has consumed us.

Our children will be left with the ashes.

When the fall comes it will be long and hard.

But what the hell, by then, we will be dead.

A dead man doesn‘t pay his Visa bill!

If I have depressed you with these words.

You can, go shopping, play music, eat out,

Watch a film and take solace in your gods.

They will always be there for us, idols.

Their memory will keep our children warm,

When the long winter of barbarism comes.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I so agree with you in this piece. Too much consumerism and not enough human factor..