I'll Be Sent Straight To Hell

My wife and I both worked at a video game store.

They closed and we're not working there anymore.

They closed their doors because of this damn Coronavirus.

We're unemployed and no other businesses are willing to hire us.

We got our twelve hundred bucks from the Government but we had to pay a hospital bill.

We're in a sinking boat and it's going down fast, I wish that the Coronavirus wasn't real.

Our families and friends can't help us and we need cash.

I'm so desperate that I'm about to do something that's rash.

I need money because I'm out of a job.

I'm in a liquor store that I intend to rob.

I just pulled my gun on the owner and he has grabbed his gun as well.

He just shot me in the chest and in a moment, I'll be sent straight to Hell.

My wife will get my life insuraqnce money because I'm going to cease to live.

Please talk to my wife on my behalf, please beg her to forgive. 

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A Tale Of Desperation

Detroit Tale:

Shot robbing a dollar store, got away. But no cash for opioids or smething a little less legal - bleeding from right forearm, no way to get to hospital and can't get arrested for theft because on probation for wife abuse. $1,200.00 went for food and drugs, homeless, car repossessed last week. No work anywhere...time to be a male hooker for habit support. My death will be a blessing - if you care, anal sex is worse than Heroin withdrawal. Can't feel my right arm. Gang raped last night. Slept in alley - 2 inches of snow fell.


Life on the bottom in a big city - not pretty. Middle usa citizens are about to cross a line they thought was a hollywood made up story. On the street - not good, pretty evil, and unendurable. Welcome to Capitalism 101.




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What a dramatic poem.  I do

What a dramatic poem.  I do have a question, though, and may I follow up with that?


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