Smoke Free - Part IV

I'm happy to say that I quit smoking half a year ago.

It's been six months today since I last smoked tobacco.

When I was presented with the opportunity to quit, I decided to reach out and grab it.

All that I needed was some nicotine patches and faith in God to be able to kick the habit.

I quit smoking even though it's not an easy thing to do.

If you're a smoker who wnts to quit, I believe in you.

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Quitting smoking.

I quit the colon cancer method. After 3 weeks in the hospital and 2 surguries, I went home a non-smoker.  That was12 years ago.  I did not feel the effects of quitting because I was on so much morphine.  Stephen

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randy i smoked 4 packs a

randy i smoked 4 packs a day,if you locked me up without a cigarette i would have

grabbed a person by the neck and choked them until i got a cigarette,i was hooked bad

watching the 700 club around jan first week in 1988 and they said someone out there

wants to quit smoking,i claimed it,put the cigarette out and never touched them again

today i would be paying about 6.00 per pack times 4 is 25.00 per day times 30  750.00 a month,,,wow a house payment or two car payments

ron parrish

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6 months! You are home free. :) 

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