Self Confidence Issues

So consumed by my own fear and doubt

Everything he says and does pointing to a 

Lack of loving me

Fulfilled not at all as I thought to be in this marriage


Caught it seems in a quicksand trap

One into which I can feel myself rapidly sinking

Not as carefree as I used to be

I drown in sorrow that I am just a freak who will never measure up

Damned by my own insecurity

Everyday I hurt more and more

Never believed life and love could go this very wrong

Captured his heart then I gained weight and shame

Endless shame when his finger points at me in blame


I cry all the time now

Seems sometimes as if I'll never stop

Searching but still have't found a solution to my woes

Useless I'm starting to think to even try

Evil thoughts grip and take hold

Should I or should't I be the ulimate coward?

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I am sorry you have to go

I am sorry you have to go through this. My heart goes out to you.  I could say more, but I do not wish---as one quite unknown to you---to intrude.


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