I Am A Burden and Human Trash

I am so sorry sometimes to be breathing


Always told I don't belong anywhere

Made to feel forever inferior


And so at night before bed I pray to never awaken again


Broken and useless to any of my fellow human beings

U know I am only a waste covered in the deception of human flesh

Rendered too heavy a burden for him or any other to ever truly love

Damned before I was even born

Eternal born to wander lost and alone

Nothing but a cancer I am upon this earth


All would be so much better off if I were gone

Now that yes is the most truthful thing ever written

Doubt not these words


How can I bear to live knowing who and what I am?

Useless and foolish

Monster at heart

A loner now and forever

Nowhere to go from here in life but down


That's just the way it is

Regardless I can do nothing to change any of it

A fate worse than death bestowed upon me by a cruel and laughing god

So I guess I'll just live out the rest of my life longing for what I know won't anytime soon be coming

Hell always denies Heaven to ugly beasts like me


Don't you know?


2019 Ramona Thompson

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Again, my heart goes out to

Again, my heart goes out to you.


[* /+/ ^]

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thank you. good to know

thank you. good to know someone cares

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humble suggestion: change

humble suggestion: change your environment & go on an adventure. you have to fall back in love with yourself!

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Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for your kind words