You play with me,

You tease me,

You give me your full attention,

I play with you,

I tease you,

I give you my full attention,

Playing together feels so right,

Its never too late,

We can play together any time,

Sometimes we dont have to play,

We can just talk,

I dont want to lose you to the darkness inside,

Take my hand,

Walk with me through the woods,

All the trees clearing to a field of grass and flowers,

Clear sky overhead,

Lay down with me,

Hold me close as I hold you,

Stare up at the endless blue,

I want to stay like this forever,

With you,

Listening to you breathe,

Play with me,

Chase me,

Grab hold of me,

Pin me to the ground,

Dont hurt me,

I wont hurt you,

Neither of us deserve the pain,

Please dont leave me.


Eyes wide open,

Heart pounding in my chest,

Breath catching in my throat,

I choke back the tears,

All a dream.

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This poem, especially its

This poem, especially its conclusion, reminds me of my experience with my first real break-up in January, 1978.  For the first two weeks or so after it happened, I dreamed just before morning waking that she and I were still together.  For a few moments of wakefulness, I believed that---and then the terrible truth came back to me each time.  During those weeks, I was afraid to sleep.  Andalmost all of the mornings saw a gush of tears.


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Im sorry that it brought

Im sorry that it brought those memories and feelings back. I was playing a game with a friend and it triggered a spark of inspiration from the area we were in and a quest I had previously done where I woke from a dream.

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No need to apologize---your

No need to apologize---your poem has a great power to address that old memory.  Bravo!


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Thanks :)

Thanks :)