The Man Of Sorrow

“The Man of Sorrow”

'Genesis Set'

I am far from perfect, and I bare many sins
many nights I would struggle to just not give in
It was just the simple thought of you,
that gave me the strength to make it through
I would travel through hell just to glance upon an angel
walk on fire, and become a historic fable
“The man of sorrow who lost his way”
became the hero and won the day.

“Watched as the icon fell,
during that solemn hour breathing felt like hell
helpless to stop the events in motion, a tidal wave of raw emotion.
Reaching out for an unfamiliar hand,
offering hope to all those who can still stand.
Grieving over all the loss, giving to those who have lost”

Perfect is the soul, for in it's design there is no wrong.
Perfect is the beauty in the melody of this song.
I had failed to look in between the lines,
missed the hidden meanings behind the word 'fine'
and once again my heart had to pay
and once again the man of sorrow had lost his way.

Broken, and bruised stands a hero of sacrifice
Suffering ensues should I be left to my own device
a penitence for not following my own advice.
Maybe I need to travel further down the road
where dreams become a reality I can truly hold.

I have been betrayed by my own thoughts
to the point, parts of my soul now rots
I've fallen form my feet, and forced to take a peek
deep into the tempest, months of unrest
where solitude had became my cage,
locking the best parts of myself away
cherishing the already faded memories.

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