Tangent - April 13, 2009


Tangent – April 13, 2009

By: Matthew Wayne

I often think back, and wonder if I would still be alive during the colonial and much of the Victorian eras. My often outspoken words, would have surly condemned me to the guillotine. I have also always wanted to have been able to meet Edgar Allen Poe. One of my biggest inspirations for my writing. Just the thought of understanding how his and many other great poets and authors mind's worked still sends chills down my spine.

I could never step foot into a confessional booth in today's generation, No longer is your confession with just god but rather with that of another mortals opinion and conviction. If your hell is real then that is where I will reside for all of eternity when I die. I've been told this most of my growing years, Where I could call them judgmental and a sinner for casting that first stone, yet the truth of the matter is my mind does in fact taint my soul. To rationalize like any other human on this planet, I often point out that actions make the man not their thoughts but while thoughts can provoke intent. I walk a thin line and often feel like a virtual time bomb. A sane man knows the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Yet we as humans who are as flawed as I, are the authors of those rights and wrongs. As much as Intelligence borders insanity, where love becomes a easy mark for hate and anger, Peace will never be obtained when war is simply a difference of opinion, where no side wishes to back down.

I have murdered in my mind the hope of our survival as a species on this planet. After all it is in our nature to destroy ourselves, as conflict is at the very core of our soul.

“Addiction becomes the name of the game,

where cheap thrills are easy to obtain

In a time when morality has become obscured

clinging to lies, while doubting an expert is considered absurd”

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I found your piece very interesting and I too am greatly inspired by Poe. I also agree with what you said about the confessional too. Man is not infalable yet a priest ordained thinks often this is the case-another of many reasons I left the church. the other was a visiting priest to my parish who literally said he wanted to hear "a silent collection,no coins" really urked me. Giving is what we can and choose not what is demanded by others..