A Dead Poet

Volume Two

No Hope, No rest for the wicked

the devil's favorite for being the sickest

thoughts that could drive a man to kill

not even on acid, they seem so real

Close your eyes

as the world before you dies

and hear the Angel's Cries

"Will I die a man thats whole?

is there salvation for my soul?

The price is a heavy toll"

This is the art of a dead man

This is a dead poet's last fan

dancing with demons in the sacred garden

on my knees for a spiritual pardon

however still a dead god in my eye's

the bible riddled with scripture lies

A truth to be sought

with a heaven that can't be bought

with all the brilliance of the world,

A race that still needs to be tought

I hold a Key in my hand, it's called an open mind

for when I die, the truth I'll find

"Will I die a free man?

will my mind ever make a stand?

The poisons of it all

will be my down fall"

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